BLF on Snom not working after switch from SIP to PJSIP

I don’t know here is the correct location, or the phone vendor snom.

We switched our old FreePBX 14 .0.16.11 with Asterisk 13.38.2 to the new FreePBX with Asterisk 16.27.0. Also we switch from the very old chan_sip to chan_pjsip.

If i now move a snom D345 (Firmware: from the old to the new PBX , so we change the hostname in the identity and AsteriskPresenceField defintion, the BLF LEDs goes off.

On the phone under “Subscriptions” i see that the phone is looking for a status message for Event type “presence” and also under the CLI of the PBX i see when i run “core show hint” for the BLF i see that the State is Idle , etc. and also that Someone (the phone) is Watching.

is their to be set something different for PJSIP on the snom side or on the FreePBX to work as on the old setup?

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