BLF on Ring group

Hoi Guys,

Trying to figure out a solution for a feature request.

They would like a BLF Button on a Ringgroup, so when there is a Call in the ring group then there is also a button signalling ringing.

I’am trying this with some dialplan hacking and i’am familiar with Hints and Device_state, and have created a button that Blinks when a call enters the Ringgroup(Also pickup works) by using a virtual extension but the light keeps blinking because a need to put a =NOT_INUSE when the call is answered, Only i’am at loss on where to do this in the dial plan.

Just a litle info of the feature request, maybe i’am way of base here and the is an easyer way to do this.

  • Incoming DID rings ‘Ring Group:600’
  • Members of ‘Ring Group:600’ have there extension ring.
  • Some extensions not in this Ringgroup have this BLF Ringgroup 600 button so those can pickup the call.

The reason behind the BLF reinggroup button is because i need to doe this for multiple DID’s and going to mix those BLF Ringgroup buttons.

I have been thinking about a Call Queue but could not match this to the requested result.

Thanks in advance.

I would create some type of extension that everyone could subscribe a BLF to and use directed pickup.

Perhaps you could put a dedicated line appearance on the attendant console for the ring group?

Yeah was thinking the same thing but i’m unable to figure out what type of extension it would be, i mean a (FreePBX) Virtual Extension does not signal ringing, and for a SIP extension when its not registred, dialparties.agi does not even bother to send a ringing to it.

Just an extension that plays nice with hints would be great, but what type of extension would that be?

i’am sorry but could not figure out an answer.

I even tryed to find an answer in a queue solution but was was ony able to find a (Very old) feature request of Lindheimer on having a PickupQueue app :wink: so that was a dead end to.

Darn… With the Alcatel OMNI PCX i was able to create a Virtual Extension with Supervisor buttons… Aaaaa. the good old days … :wink:

I’ve been banging my head on this for days…

i hope someone is clear headed for me… thanks.


Do you have an attendant station you can create the extension on?

Do you have a FXS port unused in the system?

Thats the problem, the phones used only support a single SIP account, and using any other phisical device will create another challenge, i expect to have to create this config about 8 times…

Thanks again for the sugestion, will keep it in mind.

at this point i think suggesting the customer to go for queues will be the best option.


Oke, after some thought, i think that using FXS as a virtual extension would be the only solution, so i’ll start using a PAP2t.

I’am asking them to consider using a queue , maby that would solve the solution.

Do you know if monitoring number of waiting calls in the queue with a BLF would be possible.

Thank for helping me out, i think i would have stuck in finding a solution with Virtual Device BLF Hint if you had not suggested the FXS.

until next time…


For others looking:
I added a older Snom M3 DECT base unit (it can have up to 6 accounts registered to it). We did not need any handsets (had the base laying around un-used).

We registered 4 accounts to it.
We put on of the accounts in each of the four ring groups.

We now get a blinking RED light (no audio)
When a call has arrived to the PBX, reached the AA, and a caller
has pressed one of the four options (ring groups).

You cannot pick up the call, but at least you know a call is in the system with ringing phones ‘somewhere’.

I hope this helps.