BLF on D65 auto dial with exp150

In Freepbx is it possible to make a BLF on a Digium D65 EXP150 auto dial without hitting send after hitting BLF key?

On the Sangoma s705 with EXP150 this is possible.

Also is it possible to enable blind transfer as default on the D65 in basefile edit or EPM?

Endpoint manager doesn’t offer nearly as many options for D65 compared to s705. The s705 build quality is far worse than d65…

I think you’re asking about the capability of BLF keys during the phone’s transfer state. In that case, you’ll be interested in the “transfer” option for the “press_function” option for a BLF Item behavior when the phone is in the transfer state, or perhaps the sum of the states listed in this example:

The behavior of the BLF keys w.r.t. dialing or transferring is controlled by the press_function. Modify FreePBX and/or EPM to allow that, and Bob’s your uncle (an expression, not a literal).

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So in EPM basefile edit they don’t have a default option for “press_function”. I added the following:

EPM won’t let me save with the setting in red above. :frowning:

It doesn’t work that way.

It applies to the individual behavior of the individual BLF item, please see the docs I linked, so it’s whatever’s generating the BLF items file in EPM/FreePBX.

So I used Endpoint Manager to create the BLF keys. This is what it looks like below. How do I change it? Sorry if i’m missing something obvious. Just started to use the Digium series instead of Sangoma’s.

That’s (in that UI) where someone might add additional EPM functionality in order to control what’s being written to the BLF Items file that could determine the press_function behavior or other options for the individual BLF item

And like James said on the other thread, you’d want to register a feature request for EPM.

Any idea what location and file needs to be modified to change blf functionality for the Digium phone to make this work?

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