BLF Notify Custom

So, I have a polycom VVX 300 phone. Running on FreePBX. Everything is working.

What I am looking to do is when placing a call on park the server will notify the phone that is busy so the BLF will lite up and go solid.

Is there anyways to modify the notify to use the flashing red light as similar to placing a call on hold rather than solid red. I posted on polycom forms and they said currently there is no way to change the behavior. If anyone can enlighten me or point me in a direction that would be great if this is possible.



You can’t change that behavior. I believe the SNOM is the only SIP implementation for extended device state flashing.

The fast flash on Polycom is reserved for ringing. Slow flash works on systems that support Broadsoft style shared line appearances. Asterisk does not do have SIP SLA support.