BLF Lights dont work on NEW system..... but give it a day

So this is kind of odd. We are hosted out of datacenter. Everything is working really well. However when setting up the last 2 phone systems, we are using Sangoma phones, the BLF lights didnt light up right away. Everything was working with no issues otherwise.

On the first install, they didnt show up and i just sat there and fiddled with the phone system to see why. Rebooting it, re-registering extensions, nothing would work. However just randomly while fiddling they lit up on the phone i was working on. I looked over at the receptionist and asked her if her lights were on and they did in fact come on, on all the phones at the same time. This includes BLF keys and the XML-API keys both.

For the 2nd install, the same thing, however I did no fiddling with the phone system. We left for the day and came back the next morning and all lights were on, on all of the phones.

Has anyone else experienced this, what is responsible for this. The subscriptions are working so im not sure why this is happening. This is in FreePBX 14, latest updates all within the last 2 weeks.

Never happened to me before, ours normally need a few minutes to fully talk to the system and get the BLF lights going. I never have recommended simply because of their support and I think their systems are over priced. We use Pineapple Hosting for our system they have excellent support and we have never had an issue with them before.

I actually really like because of their support. haha. They pick up the phone and help right away, but we have only ever had to call in 2 times anyway. We never have any issues normally. Plus in their pricing you get endpoint manager and sysadmin pro too.

But regardless, its very odd. i dont think it has anything to do with where we are so much as maybe an update or something.

Might be, I wonder if it has anything to do that your phones are in a remote location and can’t communicate to the server immediately but I don’t think that would result in a 1 day delay. Very odd but seems to be on the software side of things. Yeah I can’t say Pineapple Hosting provides those modules but we have been fairly happy with them so can’t complain over here.

For the blfs you can try “core show hints” from asterisk cli.

You can show all the extension hints that could be used for blf. If they are configured, is just about “dialplan reload” on asterisk cli or just reregister the extensions.

Hope that helps

In FreePBX all hints are dynamically generated the first time the device subsribes to the hint. This issue sounds like the devices are not subscribing to the hints when you first reboot the phone and sometime later they do.

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