BLF light green even if device is offline

I’m trying to configure some of our GxP 2160 phones to correctly display BLF states for other devices/extensions.

While it generally works (that is, when an extension is busy, the BLF light turns red), I’d like the BLF light to either be turned off or red, when the monitored extension is in “State:Unvavailable”. Instead, it stays green even when the device responsible for the extension has been physically turned off.

CLI> core show hints
   -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
[email protected]       : &Custom:DND100,Custo  State:Idle            Presence:available       Watchers  0
[email protected]       : PJSIP/207&Custom:DND  State:Unavailable     Presence:not_set         Watchers  1

Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, and this is happening on our up2date FreePBX 15.x installation.

That depends on the phone supporting that state for BLF colors.
I don’t have a Grandstream handy but Yealink does not support this.

Yealink phones have 5 BLF color modes (0-4) and none of them support a change to the state you are looking at.
Page 487 of their T4/T5 Admin guide. It goes on fro a few pages.

Thx Jared, it didn’t cross my mind that it could be a device issue.

However, unfortunately, at least in my case, it appears not to be such a case. The Grandstream devices support the behavior I’d like to see:

The question is does “Offline, Unknown” = State:Unavailable

Then also there is the question of wtf FreePBX is doing. Likely I changed something. I test things out on this PBX, but still.
My test extension is 121. There is no device currently registered. Yet the hints show State:Idle

[[email protected] ~]$ rasterisk -x 'core show hints' | grep 121
[email protected]       : PJSIP/121&Custom:DND  State:Idle            Presence:available       Watchers  1
[email protected]: PJSIP/121,CustomPres  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  0
[[email protected] ~]$ rasterisk -x 'pjsip show contacts' | grep 121
[[email protected] ~]$ 

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