BLF light for Pick Up group


is it possible to visualize an incoming call on another extension, which is in the same pick up group on a BLF key, so that I can pick this up.

I tried *8, I can pick up the call, but it doesn’t light up, so I can’t see if another extension in my group is ringing.

How can I change that?

I’d think there might be something that could be done, but I don’t know exactly how to expose the ringing of the ring group into a hint.

If the context that handles ring-groups doesn’t do it already, you’d probably need to add a hint update in there, then figure out a way to clear the flag once the call is answered.

I’ve never looked at it, but I think it would probably be relatively simple once you do the research and figure out where the “wax on, wax off” point is.

You might want to go to “Issues” at the top of the page and add a feature request?