BLF Issue with Cisco SPA504G/SPA500S

First a thank you to anyone who can help with this issue. To give you a quick rundown of the issue we’re having let me give you the breakdown of our environment:

Phones - Cisco SPA504G w/ SPA500S Sidecars
Phone Firmware - 7.5.2
FreePBX - Stable-4.211.64-8
Asterisk - 11

There are 14 extensions setup on the system and each phone sidecare is configured to monitor the state of all the extensions at the office. PBX is hosted at an offsite location from the phones. Calls complete successfully and the BLF light shows the status of active lines.

Every few hours however, the BLF lights on the sidecar will not reflect that an extension is active and in use. The light will remain green despite the fact that the extension is off-hook and on an active call.

When my users reported this I ran a “core show hints” from the Asterisk CLI and saw that the extensions that were off-hook showed “State:InUse” and “Watchers 14”

The sidecars return to normal operation if I perform a “core restart when convenient” only to return to this behavior after a few hours.

We are considering moving the PBX inhouse to the customers location, but if anyone has seen this issue before I would appreciate some assistance.

I have this same issue, did you find a resolution?