BLF Indicator used as Voice Mail indicator

I am using latest Distro of FreePBX 5.11, using Cisco SPA-50x phones with SPA-500s Sidecars.

I created a Virtual Extension (198) to use as a general VM box.

I would like to set one of the LAMPS on the Cisco phone or sidecar to indicate when/if VM is available in the 198 box.

anyone have any ideas?

core show hints

@TGR2000 here is a detailed explanation of the setup procedure

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Just tooooo easy. Much thanks. I originally used the method of assigning “line 8” of the cisco phone to the common extension being used as general voicemail there by the cisco would show the message light on if either extension had a vm, but thats a workaround for my need. The method in the link you provided is exactly what I am looking for.