BLF/Hint for Call Flow Control

I am running FreePBX Distro 2.210.62-6

I have Call Flow Control setup. It is index 0 but I have changed the code to toggle it in feature codes to 401. I would like a button on my Polycom 550 phone to toggle it on and off and also have that button use BLF to display the status. I have the call flow control setup and working but I can’t determine how to get the Polycom 550 to monitor the status. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I have the button on the phone programmed. That was easy, I just made a contact on the phone.

Presence was disables in sip.cfg


so I changed it to


The only problem is that I do not see a hint for the feature code.

I had to turn on “Enable Custom Device States” in advanced settings.

The only problem is the the BLF only stays on red or off, it does not turn green.

I am running into a similar issue as well but probably need some assistance in configuring the flow control properly. So we have a queue with dynamic members with a programmed button on the Polycom 670s to log the user in and out of the queue. That whole process works correctly and currently, the light is RED if logged in and BLANK is logged out.

That button was configured using the Buddy List portion of the EndPoint Manager template manager using the following coding: *45{$username.line.1}*800 and type set to BLF. On the general tab, we added xxxxxxxxx at the beginning of the digits map.

So with that said, it logs the users in and out of the queue perfectly fine, now just cannot figure out where/how to configure the ability to change the line light to green if logged in and red if logged out; sounds as though the same boat you are in. And Google hasn’t helped much with the exception I believe it needs to be configured in Call Flow Control but I have no idea where to begin with that one.

Running FreePBX with Asterisk and Polycom SoundPoint IP 670s.

If anyone else has some guidance in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

ADDITION: feature.presence.enabled is set globally to “1”. As well as “Enable Custom Device States” is set to TRUE and “Generate Device Hints” in the Queue configuration is checked as well.