BLF for trunk channels

Is there a way to get a BLF-like indication for a specific sip channel in use on a trunk or at least an indication of all available channels busy ?

Channels on SIP “trunks” only exist during a call; they have no permanent identity that one could associate with a BLF lamp.

At least at the Asterisk level you can define a number of active channels that corresponds to a busy, rather than an in-use, state (and might correspond to a provider’s commercial limit):

I don’t know how easy it is to access this information with through the GUI.

You would need to create a hint for the trunk and then subscribe to it. That will just tell you if the trunk is in use or not.

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Well… :smiling_face: how to do this ? Any documentation ?

Documentation for creating hints in Asterisk? Yes, of course there is. You will need to use a custom include context like ext-local-custom so it will be included in the dialplan.

Well…i’ll try to understand something about…

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