BLF for custom call flow control toggle feature code

So, I’ve made a feature code which toggles two different Call Flow Controls. I have that working but I am struggling to get the BLF lamp working just right - all I want is light ON for on and light OFF for off.

So far, I’ve gotten the light to switch ON but when I deactivate the call flow control the light remains on. I must have something not quite right.

I am on Asterisk 11.14 and FreePBX2.11 - here is what i have in extensions_additional.conf;

exten => *280,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => *280,n,Answer
exten => *280,n,Wait(1)
exten => *280,n,Set(INDEXES=1&2)
exten => *280,n,Set(DAYREC=beep&silence/1&de-activated)
exten => *280,n,Set(NIGHTREC=beep&silence/1&activated)
exten => *280,n,Goto(app-daynight-toggle,s,1)

exten => *280,hint,Custom:DAYNIGHT1&Custom:DAYNIGHT2

It didn’t matter where I put the hint, originally had it under the [set-call-flow-overflow] and I moved it but it made no difference.

I appreciate any help with this one …

What the …

Just as I am packing up for the day I look over at my test handset and … it’s working

I must’ve had a typo in the hint line at the end, that I didn’t originally notice…