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BLF for Cisco phone on asterisk

(Juni Aster) #1


Which patch to use for BLF cisco phone.
Asterisk 13.15.1 FreiPBH 13


how to download this file

Here this patch on the link will approach?

(James G) #2

Hi Juni,

I have got a mixture of Cisco phones that I have managed to get BLF to work for.
What Cisco phones do you have


(Juni Aster) #3

Hi JamesKom,
I have cisco 8961 phones they work with Asterisk but without BLF

(Luis Joel Rendon) #4

I have cisco CP-9951, CP-8945, ATA187, CP-8831, CP-7821, CP-6921 phones working with FreePBX 14 but I cannot get the BLF working. I am trying to get it work on the Sidecar for the CP-9951. I have followed and and I do not know why is not working. Again help will be appreciated to get the BLF working would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you