BLF for Call Forwarding Feature Codes?

Does anyone know if there’s a BLF hint for the Call Forward Toggle feature code? We’ve got some customers that are used to having an indication on their phone when the desk phone is forwarded. I looked in the HINTS list and didn’t see hint’s built for all the extensions prefixed with that feature code, so I’m guessing not.

If they don’t exist, is there an easy way to generate them, or is that a feature request?

Yes. CF hints are generated for the toggle feature code prefix, so a BLF with *96XXXX where the x’s are the extension number.

34693894*CLI> dialplan show *[email protected]
[ Included context 'ext-cf-hints' created by 'pbx_config' ]
  '_*96XXXX' =>     1. Goto(app-cf-toggle,*96,1)                  [pbx_config]
  '_*96X.' =>       hint: Custom:DEVCF${EXTEN:3}                  [pbx_config]

Excellent - thank you.

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