BLF extension status online even if the extension is offline

I am using FreePBX Distro v13 with Asterisk v13 64bit latest stable.
My ipphones are Grandstream GXP1628, Fanvil C60 and Grandstream GSWave softphones.
At my mobile phone i enabled the blf function of GSWave but all the extensions are showed green online but this isn’t correct because some of them are offline! If an (true) online extension is busy the blf show it correctly as busy with red light. The same thing happens with my GXP1628 & Fanvil c60.
It seems that IPPBX doesn’t sent a Notify with Offline status!
Thank you very much in advance.

What is your interpretation of Offline?

Thank you very much for your reply!
Well this question make me think that my perspective is wrong!!!
I believe that when an endpoint is down because of power or network failure should be shown as offline!
Thank you very much in advance!

That’s correct. Some people have interpreted it as “when the phone is not in use, it’s offline.”

The way to test whether this is a FreePBX issue or a phone issue is to log into the server and check the hints. If they are right and your phone is wrong, I’d start there.

From the Asterisk logs seems that the server send the “notify” but i don’t know if this is correct.

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From Asterisk Info Subscriptions TAB

Which watcher is your remote phone?

My watchers are mobile phones with GS Wave android app, BUT i tested it with my ipphones Grandstream GXP 1628 & Fanvil C60 with the same results!
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What extensions? If they are “unavailable”, they won’t get notifications.

Extensions 3000 & 3001 are usually active and are mobile phones. 3002,3012 are usually active and are GXP1628 & C60. 3022 is usually active (pj-sip) and is Cisco SPA302D G7. 3003,3004 usually are offline.
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@grekasa you get anywhere with this? Is the BLF operating correctly by still being green even when the phone is physically disconnected?

No i couldn’t find time to investigate more. Keep in mind that this is my “home” ippbx! It seems that even if the server sents notifications for all states my endpoints can’t show the unavailable state.
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