BLF between 2 different FreePBX


I have 2 different site and 2 FreePBX.
I have on 1 FreePBX multiple extension : 1XX and in other : 2XX
I wanna have blf function to supervise disponibility on other site.

For exemple 100 supervise 101, 102 with blf mode and its ok but cant supervise 200, 201 etc.

How can i do this ?

I had occasion to do this once, and developed a script that an advanced user might adapt for this purpose.

but how do include this script on my freepbx ?

The script has nothing to do with FreePBX. It’s a PHP script that creates the hint in Asterisk.

The instructions are in the script.

If you don’t know your operating system and PHP you are short a few prerequisites to utilize it.

It is perhaps a forgotten art, but for anyone who wants to do anything “clever”, then from day-1 asterisk has always had AGI built in, you can do almost anything you want with it, and in any language, bash, perl, php, python, ruby or even micro$oft BASIC that can read and write to stdin and stdout, It could be perhaps advantageous for FreePBX to add skeletal “hooks” with appropriate additional arguments to predefined AGI scripts in the same way that they include the skeletal *_custom.conf hooks . . . (Oh me, oh mi sorry, just dreaming there :slight_smile: )

ok i ask something, the answer is php script so its not include in FreePBX … so i need to understant this php script to make that i want in FreePBX nice … so i can do this in bash, python or other no ? I dont need to learn php thats good ?

There is someything included in Asterisk that would work for you:-

Thanks, i test this and i return experience !

i tried this but corosync installed doesnt start …

service corosync start
netstat -nlp
and nothing about corosync

i will try php script now

I read this your php script but i think cant work with my configuration.

I have 2 sites A and B
A have extensions 100 101 102 etc
B have extensions 200 201 202 etc
Now i can call 200 with 100 with my iax2 trunk.
If you make custom extension 200 on site A, if i call 200 with 100 i cant because automatic dial plan do than 200 is local now with this custom extxension ?

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