BLF appearance for unplugged/error/disconnected extensions

I am very green when it comes to Asterisk (about 3 days now) I started off with Elastix, but found it’s EPM sorely lacking. Installed FreePBX and already have all phones auto-provisioning with all settings (with some custom editing of json/cfg). I have a short list of things I need to work on and I think I’ve found answers for all but one:

I have BLFs for each extension and they work great aside from the fact that if I disconnect/unplug the phone, they show idle. Is there an option I’m overlooking to set Asterisk/FreePBX to show as busy or error if extension is not reachable?

Or old proprietary ip pbx would have green for idle, red for busy, and yellow for error status. Possible with Asterisk?

Thanks in advance!