BLF and FreePBX feature codes

One of the really cool things added to the latest version of FreePBX is support for Russell’s devstate backport for Asterisk 1.4. Today I decided to have a look at how it works, and I found it to be extremely simple and straightforward to set up. Obviously, you need to add the backport to asterisk. Luckily, that is extremely easy - just follow the directions in the readme.

Next, add the following line to amportal.conf (if it isn’t already there):


I was looking to see the status of my Follow-Me, so I needed to configure one of the BLF’s on my phone to reflect on the its status. To do that I needed to set the BLF to watch feature code that I would normally dial to activate the Follow-Me: *21200. I updated my 00000000.xml directory configuration file for my Polycom 650 as follows:

Call Forwarding

I then rebooted my phone, and like the magic that FreePBX is, I can now tell by a glance what the Follow-Me status is. Now if only setting up an orb would be as simple!

Moshe Brevda, FreePBX Development Team lazytt - FreePBX forums hi365 - IRC

Similarly to the above on a GXP-20x0 (SHOULD work on a GXP-2000, but I’ve only tested it on GXP-2010’s), It’s a simple matter of setting a BLF for FindMe/FollowMe, by doing the below:

Open FreePBX’s “Feature Codes” Menu, and untick the “FindMe/FollowMe Toggle” option, and manually enter “21” as the feature code. Submit changes.

Goto “Misc. Destinations”, create a new destination called “FollowMe”, and set up to dial {findmefollow:fmf_toggle} (in other words, select “Find Me Follow Toggle” from the -featurecode shortcuts- drop down list). Submit.

Goto “Misc. Applications”, create a new application, description “Follow-Me”, feature code “*21”. Choose as it’s destination, yep you guessed it, “Misc Destinations” - “FollowMe”.

Submit and apply changes.

Once Asterisk is re-configured, then you can login to the phone’s admin interface.

Select the “Basic Settings” tab.

In the “Multi Purpose Key X”, “Key Mode” field, choose “Busy Lamp Field (BLF)”.
In the associated “Name” field, put something useful (this will display on the phone’s screen when the user presses the button, so restrain yourself!). I use “Follow Me (On/Off)”.

In the “User ID”, enter the feature code for Follow Me, an asterisk (*), and the user’s extension, eg. “217001”.

If necessary, pick the “Account” for whichever SIP account is appropriate.

Update and reboot.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I have configured my Cisco 525G2 for follow-me toggle on the Line 5 key. It looks like this -

fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=*[email protected];nme=Follow Me

It works perfectly, but I can’t figure out exactly what I need to change in order for it to show me the actual status of the (follow-me toggle)function I’ve assigned to it. I’m quite new to this.

Anyone have an idea as to what else I need to add to get the BLF/Line Key to show me the follow-me status?