BLF and FM/FM not working correctly perhaps

I just stared using the BLF for FM/FM. With *214888 as an example (4888 is the extension), the EXP100 displays the FM/FM status correctly, however if you hit the button, the phone will say FM/FM deactivated or activated but the actual status of FM/FM will not change in Freepbx.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

What you’ve done sounds correct. Provide a debug to see what is happening on the freePBX side.

Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation (

I’ve had a chance to play around with what is happening. When I hit the BLF button to activate or deactivate the FM/FM setting for the extension (4888 or others) selected, the FM/FM setting of the actual phone (2880) is what changes.

How would I hone down on the logs? I was able to look at the logs but its extremely long. Don’t want to give a lot of unless info.

I think that’s the answer.

  1. You would need to create a custom dialplan and tie it to the button so that it will toggle the FMFM for the foreign extension, but then I am not sure you would be able to use the hint on the same button.

  2. Maybe you could create a custom application to perform the way you would like it to but preserves the FMFM BLF of the button. Custom Phone Applications with Asterisk - Phones - Documentation (

  3. You might also be able to make something like this that diverts the call if it matches a string (otherwise end). If it matches change the callerID (to 4888) and then execute the *214888. That might let you keep the BLF button as is but provide the function you need. NOTE: I have never tried the linked with feature codes and I am assuming the variable that needs to change for the FMFM toggle to work is CallerID(num). Hooking for fun and income - FreePBX / Tips and Tricks - FreePBX Community Forums

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