BLF Alert Audio or Visual on P-series Phones

It doesn’t look like the P-series phones support the BLF alerts. This is very useful if you want a user to be able to be notified of let’s say a front desk phone ringing so they have the ability to pick up the call. Is this planned in the future roadmap of the P-series? Also, is there something else I can do that will have a similar effect?

Thanks for any help!

Maybe softphone - tSIP softphone: signaling BLF state change with audio.

BLF can also show who is calling - Configuración práctica de Asterisk (19): Mensajes Subscribe y Notify, visualización del estado de las extensiones | Blog de Telefonía del CIFP Tartanga to help deciding whether call should be picked or not. To fit whole number/display name BLF buttons would probably need to be resized.

GUI can be reduced to console only with Settings/Main window/Hide call panel + Hide main panel.

No audible alerts of BLF state?

Does your BLF Items file, for the BLF contact in question, specify an indicator for the target_status that you want to alert on, with a positive value for the ring parameter, with a valid ringtone_id?

See - Smart BLF - Phones - Documentation

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