Blank Screen on Install, had to use nomodeset

FYI, I just installed the distro on an Intel DC3217IYE which only has HDMI video outputs. The screen would go blank just after “waiting for hardware to initialize”. I had to add “nomodeset” to the boot time arguments.

Installed FreePBX 3.211.63-8-x86_64 on an HP ProLiant DL380G6 and had to use this boot option to get it to work. Thanks!

Adding some keywords for search engines to help others find this solution:

error waiting for hardware to initialize freepbx asterisk 10 11 1.8 HP proliant DL380G6 install video nomodeset boot option kernel linux blank black screen nothing happens

Thank you for this post. I was going crazy, as I could not figure out why it kept going to a black screen.