Blank Centos Install Missing?

With the change from CentOS, is the Blank CentOS install script going to be permanently missing or is this temporary?

I don’t understand your question.

Sorry, what I was trying to say was that the link to the CentOS installer is coming up 404, not found.

Is it just a glitch or no longer available? It seems that the blank-centos-installer directory is gone also. Does this have to do with the CentOS/RedHat issue?

I don’t know about that but you can simply download the tarball for FreePBX and Asterisk and follow the installation instructions. I have never used a script. It’s well documented and quite simple.

1 - Create Asterisk user
2 - Download freePBX
3 - Download asterisk
4 - create mysql databases with supplied script (it’s in the tarball)
5 - built asterisk (./configure make menuselect make make install) 4 steps

Make sure you install all dependencies.

What is your objection to the distro that does it all for you?

Without the distro you also can’t use the commercial modules.

I love the Distro, it is all I use. The script converts base CentOS 6.5 to FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-1 then I update it to the current version from there. I use this when deploying a test server to Digital Ocean because they don’t have an install for FreePBX Distro :slight_smile:

Ok, I have to take a shameless plug the my company offers FreePBX hosting and we are colocated with one of he SIPStation nodes. We are not just a hosting company that offers FreePBX, we specialize in FreePBX hosting.

Now that I am done with all of that we will have to see if one of the Schmooze guys can update us on the script. I was completely unaware that it also added all the Zend stuff for the commercial modules.

Thanks for your support of the project.

He was referring to this script about which a confluence user dariohimo was asking and that was probably removed and it’s not available anymore (at least if you didn’t downloaded and preserved it time before).

Yes its no longer available with the move off stock CentOS and legal reasons it was retired.