Blacklist Not Working

I made a blacklist entry for:

"800 Service" <8444181595>

But they called again and it went through. Does anyone have any idea why?

I use blacklist and it works ok. you should enter the caller id/number without angle brackets as it shows in cdr reports. I normally copy and paste entries from cdr reports to blacklist. if you are not using angle brackets then its another reason why it’s not working for you.

it requires an “EXACT MATCH” of the cnum

Thanks for the info, Alex.

Some carriers also pass the country code (in this case, “1”) with the CID value

The first time I tried this, I actaully copied the CID from a voicemail report:

There is a new voicemail in mailbox 91:

	From:	"800 Service" <8444181595>
	Length:	0:10 seconds
	Date:	Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 01:27:05 PM

If I enter the number along without the angle brackets, the system adds them back in.

So what is the correct format for blacklist entries?

When I enter the string above, blacklist displays the input as:


The correct format is just the inbound CallerID(NUM) which is generally only ^+?[0-9]{10,} which means that it might have a + at the first character, apart from that,then 10 or more digits.

Further, the blacklist module will add whatever you put there and but then match against you channels’ CallerID(NUM) which in your case will be just 8444181595

Great. So I edited the entry and removed everything but the number. It is now displaying as just the number and no punctuation.

We will see if it works. Thanks.