BlackList, great feature that needs work

I feel that Blacklist is one of FreePBX/Asterisk’s most useful modules but one that has not reached its potential. There are several, jacks or better, features that need to be included to make it a truly operational tool.

  1. The list items need to be translated to a single format. At the moment, CIDs from different sources produce different formats and calls will only match one of the formats.
  2. As the list grows, there is no count and last hit date kept to allow the list to be maintained over time.
    Adding these with functions to delete all dates before would support list management.
  3. The Blacklist function on the devices appears to only work with the first line on the device, not the last
    call to the device which may host multiple extensions.

I am seeking everyone’s support to identify the correct source for an upgrade to Blacklist and to help
call attention to the benefits upgrading this module can bring to all of us.

Thank You

Patches always welcome.

That would be nice. Maybe when I down size and don’t have to bust my fanny to come up with 50k in property taxes on a lovely house that no one seems to want to buy these days.

I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks

Of note if you would have followed my original link you would have seen you have plans to do what you have requested.

Wonderful, thank you.