Blacklist failing

I’m not sure when Blacklist stopped working, but I started receiving calls from: 2542820942
after putting the number in blacklist module, I still receive calls from same number.

I tried putting in a cell number and calling from that number (which I know worked before), and these calls were not blocked.

call trace

only thing I can think of that would have changed from when I know it worked before, was adding a line in rsyslog.conf to send a copy of logs to (an external to freepbx) syslog server.

any assistance would be appreciated.

Blacklist needs an inbound route to work. From the call trace, it appears that there is no inbound route that matches the DID and it’s getting routed directly to the extension.

currently, freepbx setup as last four of extension number is same as last four of DID number.
Extension setup, the DID=blank. No inbound route with this DID number set.

So, that means blacklist module is never “checked” ?

Blacklist needs an inbound route to work. You could do some custom dialplan to add a predial hook to check the blacklist prior to dialing the extension.

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