Blacklist: Destination for BlackListed Calls > Dest Status Empty

Using Asterisk version 16.28.0, and FreePBX version 16.0.33.

I’ve done an upgrade of the FreePBX platform using the usual command line

sudo -u asterisk fwconsole ma updateall

and when restaring the FreePBX application, I am getting the following error message displayed on the FreePBX dashboard:

Blacklist: Destination for BlackListed Calls

as outlined with the following screen dump under the “Dashboard → System Overview” panel:

Under “Admin → Blacklist” I double-checked the list of phone numbers I have blacklisted, and all entries are correct.

Any pointer on how I can troubleshoot further to find the source of the problem that occurred after today’s upgrade?

Blacklist - Settings - Destination

Thank you for the pointer. It looks like after the modules upgrade the setup got reset or overwritten as depicted with:

I have reconfigured the correct settings for me.


i still get that msg after updating that setting

edit: after making a change else where the apply button showed up and once clicked it applied the blacklist change

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