Black List not blocking the caller

I was browsing the documentation

I found the comments were pretty close to my issue, and recent, but rather than post to the documentation I decided to post to the forum instead.

I’m seeing the same thing as thymer’s documentation comment, I can add a number to the black list, but if that phone calls my user after being on the black list, the call is not blocked.

I updated this morning to FreePBX via the web GUI.

Prior to the update, when dialing *32 to add last caller, I was getting the “Unidentified or withheld” recording. This was driving me nuts, as I was seeing good Caller ID on the test inbound call. Hopefully I can save somebody some Google searching, if you get the “Unidentified or withheld” recording even with good Caller ID, you might want to update your system, this helped me.

So I am now able to recognize and add numbers to the black list via *32, and I confirmed the database received an entry for my number:

/blacklist/[10D DID] : 1

Yet the black listed number can still call into my system.

Like thymer, I have one inbound route for all my DIDs. Does black listing somehow require individual routes?