Bizarre MOH Issue

I have an older PBX that I know I need to update the the FreePBX distro, but at this time it’s a past version of Asterisk now, with FPBX 2.11.x on it, along with Asterisk 1.8.x.

The MOH seems to of lost it’s mind, when I get a call in, it is playing some default music, of which I have no idea what it is.

We had recordings in the in the MOH directory (yes I verified this is the directory defined in FPBX), but it’s not playing them. Also when I try and update it to play something else, it says it’s done it, but again it plays some unknown music.

I have even gone into the MOH directory specified in FPBX, and removed ALL files from it, and still it plays this unknown music.

Looking at log output when a call is put on hold, it just says starting the default music, which of course that is what I have set, the default that is used by everything.

This was all working fine for ages, and now this, any good ideas on how to track this down? I am guessing that I’ll start running around on the box to see what wav files actually exist, but figured I would post in case someone had any quick ideas…

On the strange side, and not sure how, but it had some .ulaw files in the directory, and though they don’t show in the FPBX listing, they are on the drive, and Asterisk happily plays them music.

To add insult to injury, it also seems that uploading a file in the FPBX interface on that server is not converting the format, so though the wav file was present, it was a 44khz stereo file, so of course Asterisk was very unhappy about that fact.

I got rid of the ulaw files, and converted the wav file to the correct format (8khz/mono) and it seems to be happy at this point in time.

Sox seems to be busted for some reason, but that machine is on the short list to be displaced by a shiny new FreePBX distro box…