Bind trunk to extention

I have 2 ptsn lines coming in. I would like to bind one trunk to a call group/extention and the other to another group/extention. How can I do this?

That worked. Thanks!

Setup two inbound routes using the DID’s of the two trunks pointing each route to a particular extension. If they are analogue PSTN trunks you might need to use the ZAP DID’s module to give each trunk a unique DID. Set up two Outbound Routes one for each trunk and use the CID’s of the extensions in the outbound patterns.

I have the two inbound routes working now but I cant figure out how to get the outbound routes to work. How do I need to program them?

The simplest way would be to have 1 extension dial ‘9’ as a prefix to get out, while the other would use ‘8’ to get their outside line.

Otherwise you could use the custom contexts module to force the phones to the appropriate outbound routes.

You don’t need custom contexts anymore.

The outbound route module supports CID. Just make a route for each phone’s CID.