Bind Error 99 in High Availability Setup

When trying to configure bindaddr= in ooh323.conf on FreePBX+HA, ooh323 reports a bind error 99 (address not found).
Ifconfig does not report the floating IP as a locally bound address, and that is why ooh323 is complaining.

However, SIP and IAX apparently have no problem binding to the floating IP specified in their conf’s.
Iptables is not running (by default, apparently), and we can not find corosync.conf to determine if the allowed services on the floating IP are specified there.

We’re not sure how the floating IP is implemented under HA, where it’s managed, and therefore where to go to allow ooh323 to use it.

Can you advise?

Anybody who could advise on this?

Have you tried connecting to and letting the program answer on all available addresses?

Also, here’s a discussion about H323 from last year that might help you: