Billing System

Hello All,

I’m new to the FreePBX system. And I was woundering if there is an option where I can become a SIP reseller?

I buy some DID’s and call credit with a VOIP reseller. And I want to resell these to customers.
Also I need to thick the cash drawer. So, I buy credit at like 0,001Ct / minute and need a way to sell it at 0,002ct/min.

Can This be setup someway?



Sure just download an ISO and “thick your cash drawer”

Why don’t you sign up as a reseller and earn commissions? Leave providing service to companies with the resources to do so.

Of course I want to sign up as a reseller. But I don’t think there are much companies doing so in Belgium.
So I want to setup a complete VOIP system at a customer and then have them use a Sip provider but I want to earn a little on this.

So I’m looking for a solution to do so.