Billing solution

im looking for solution for call bill for small/medium hotel. any suggestion?
i want a solution that allows me to get the bill, print it, and settle the account.

thank you

Elastix has an inbuilt call billing feature that’s a bit buggy but can be got to work. I use this one, in fact its the main reason I switched from trixbox to Elastix.

Just recently a PBIAF user has produced this:

which might be more useful in your situation.

You are asking at a good time because prior to these two there was nothing around that did simple billing, at least not for free…

thx… it looks nice and easy to use… but im having a problem…

when i type the command ./ i get access denied(error 1045) so i changed the password with vi to the default password of mysql root… and ive changed the password in… now when i access through http i get an error ( database connection failed)… what to do?

I guess you are referring to the PBIAF module and that you are using it with some other distro rather than PBIAF.
I only checked it briefly on a PBIAF VM with default pws and I had no probs…

You might look here on the Elastix forum where some ppl are trying to get it this module working in Elastix:

Sloved… thanks alloootttt

i have another issue… is it possible to have hunt on the pstn line? i want the primary number of the business to be always available… how can i do that?

Well, your hijacking your own thread but the quick answer is in Outbound Routes is to put your main incoming trunk at the bottom of the trunk sequence so its only used if the other lines are busy.

Or you can just delete it from your outbound route(s) so it’s only available for incoming calls.