Bifurcation of CDR Report for ampusers

Hi everyone,

Have been using FreePBX for a year now but this is my first post. It is an awesome product and I have enjoyed using it so far. Before I go off topic, here is what I am trying to accomplish but no luck so far.

FreePBX distro version: 5.211.65-11

I have made a couple of users under Administrators who have access to CDR Reports only. User1 has been assigned extension range 1001-1010 while User2 has been assigned extension range of 1011-1020. I would like to be able to do the following:

  1. When they login using their own credentials, they should be redirected to the CDR Report page instead of the FreePBX System Status page.
  2. The users should only be able to see/listen to CDR/call recordings of the extensions they have been assigned. Currently, both the users are able to see CDR’s of all 20 extensions and listen to all the call recordings.

Any guidance in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You can’t change a users landing page. Also the CDR reports don’t look at the range.

Thanks Sky. Any suggestions on how to go about achieving this?

It would be a custom programming job,

If you are trying to provide separation why not use virtualization and run two instances.

Too bad I never paid attention in programming classes.

I already have 4 instances running and people are really liking the recording solution because of disa/callback feature. So I see this setup growing. That is why I need to figure out how to save space/resources. After all, DR is another aspect I have to take care of.