BFL and Attendant Consoles

I would like to know if anyone knows of any VIRTUAL, meaning pc software, that I can use as a virtual Attendant Console. I want to be able to monitor when an “extension” is in use, if it’s ringing, on hold etc. Anyone know of how to do this natively in freepbx/asterisk or if there is a software I can download on my pc to do this? Thanks guys

Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.1)
Linux Distribution: (Redhat CentOS release 6.4 (Final))
FreePBX version: (2.11.0)

FOP2 might be what you are looking for?

doesn’t seem to work either because its a paid module or is not compatible with my system. I have also seen on this forum that the whole FOP system is really buggy and most don’t use it.

Free for up to 15 extensions. I have played a little with it on a test system but have been a little reluctant to install on a live system too though… Would be great if there is a soft-phone out there with BLF capabilities…

Haha - I see Google is my friend - speaking of softphones with BLF - check these out:

some good ones, used draytek but ehhh… i like dialplate. so here is my question, even though my employees’ phones cell using 3cx softphone or other softphones are not connected to the pbx, it still shows green or active or idle. is there a setting i need to set to make it where if a device for a certain extension is not registered, it shows red or unavailable?

Good question - I’ve also wandered if there is a way for BLF to show if a phone is not connected to the server. I could be wrong, but I think BLF can’t show a “disconnected” phone, only a “busy” or “ringing” phone…?

FOP2 is wonderful and a real bargain. It is available in the store.

iSymphony is the top of the line client server based call control software. We use it for all of our call center and high end installs. The team from i9tech was showing the latest version at FreePBX world and it is most impressive.