Better integration with google voice for voicemail?

Hi All,

So I have a freepbx setup, and two outbound routes - Google Voice, and flowroute. I typically use Google Voice for outbound calls. However I use google voice for voicemail, so I have those calls (as far as I can tell) go out via flowroute - reason being (unless someone knows a fix!) calls going out via GV cannot modify the caller ID - so outbound calls via google voice always show my google voice #. So the problem becomes obviously if I have the google voice route send a incoming call to my voicemail, the voicemail shows my google voice # as the #.

But - I’m seeing some calls being sent to voicemail showing the caller ID of my home phone (flowroute #). Not sure what logs to show or what I can show to document this - but please let me know.


  1. Google voice doesn’t offer an official method of integration. All such integrations are done through reverse engineering and are likely a violation of their TOS (IANL)

  2. In your google voice settings there is an option to forward caller or or set as gv#

Thanks for the reply… The issue isn’t with my google voice it doesn’t appear… it looks like it’s something on the freepbx. The freepbx is forwarding the calls to google voice, but google voice is getting the caller ID of my home phone, not the person calling, so the caller ID for the google voicemail call is my home phone.

So example, my home phone # is 111-111-1111. My google voice # is 222-222-2222.

Say 333-333-3333 calls my home phone. It doesn’t answer, freepbx redirects it to 222-222-2222. Normally google voice says “Missed call from 333-333-3333.” with the voicemail. However sometimes it shows caller ID of 111-111-1111. Does that make sense? Thanks :slight_smile: