Beta 2, Upcoming Training, New Website

We hope all of you have had a good holiday season and wish everyone a happy upcoming New Years! Lots has been happening behind the scenes and with New Years fast approaching, here's a quick update to close the year with. We'll let you know what's going on with the beta and new website but first a word about next month's [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]Open Telephone Training Seminar![/url]

WIth 2.11 beta in full force and a final release coming up quickly, now’s the time to think about booking your spot in next month’s OTTS FreePBX Training in sunny Naples Florida! Our Early Bird special ended a couple weeks ago but in the spirit of the Holidays we are offering a $200 discount if you book before the end of the year! Just use the discount code HOLIDAY or click this Holiday Registration Link and get the benefits of both the discount and a 2012 business tax deduction for next year’s training.

The 2.11 Beta has been well received with 2000+ beta testers at last count. We talked about some exciting things such as the Destination popOvers that we implemented in beta1 in a previous blog post. In the meantime we’ve been going strong preparing for the Beta 2 release though if you’ve been keeping up with module updates in Beta 1 you’ve likely seen some of these changes come down the pipe. We’ve added functionality such as native support for agent queue pause and auto-pause features complete with BLF hints generated and a queue patch that has been added to the FreePBX Distro version of Asterisk for both versions 10 and 11 that enable these Asterisk qpause device states.

There’s more coming on the beta including a long awaited resurrection of the DAHDi module complements of Schmooze that will work with multiple vendor cards including Digium, OpenVox, Alto and Rhino on first release and Sangoma to follow shortly. We’ve been busy with lots of other features, various bug fixes and more but we’ll leave you to upgrade or download and explore on your own to see what’s new and help further flush out the release! In the meantime, standby for Beta 2 which we’ll be pushing out before the week is over!

In addition to keeping busy with the beta work we’ve been pushing forward on the new website we blogged about some months ago. We are hopefully a few weeks away from doing a conversion and have been busy staging the new site, adding new content and moving over existing content and with the help of some of you we’ve been preparing the new documentation wiki which will make it much easier to add to and contribute in the future!

We wish all of you a Happy New Year and look forward to lots of continued excitement as we’ve already hit the ground running. A final reminder, the HOLIDAY discount for OTTS is only valid through the end of December and our discounted room block in Naples Florida will go away at about the same time so register now, enjoy some sun at the end of January and come join us for another great OTTS training series!

Philippe on behalf of the FreePBX Team!

A documentation wiki sounds great. I have an internal wiki with a lot of FreePBX content in it that I would add to a public wiki if one were available.

Looking forward to beta2 as well!

-Tim Miller Dyck

Thanks for the update, and Happy New Year!

How is the User Portal coming along (particularly the voicemail interface)? Looking at the roadmap it looks like it has been pushed back a number of times. Is there an update on it? Is it going to be a part of 2.12? Thanks.

Most Likely it will be in 2.12.