Best way to track calls made by DISA?

Hey everyone. What would be the best way to track who made a call using DISA? I’m not a fan of account codes because they screw things up for call forwarding. I had account codes turned on for my main outbound route, and just had pinless dialing on all my users, but if you do call forwarding or conference or follow me for example, it requests the account code to the person calling in. To get around this I made a second outbound route that if you dialed 97 before the number it didn’t require codes but it’s still a pain. I just need a way that if people use DISA it will actually track who it was. Do most people have a DISA for each employee so everyone has a different password? Thing is it still doesn’t show on the CDR any info on the call. I’m working remote right now and just tested it out and there was no indication that it came from DISA except that the From number wasn’t our office line but was the # I called from when remote. I guess another idea would be to make an outbound route that you dial 9 first for example which does require an account code, but the problem is people might not remember to dial 9 first… Any ideas?