Best way to toggle on/off Call Recording

Hey all,

Does anyone know the best way to toggle on/off call recording.

I tried using the feature code In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording, which is *1. It didn’t do anything when used it.

Meaning, you checked CDR if it was no recording?

Under features codes, do you see *1 configured correctly?

*1 is the recording toggle feature code. It must be enabled in the extension settings for it to be usable. If it quite literally does nothing when you enter it (i.e. there is absolutely nothing happening at the Asterisk CLI) then show the Asterisk output of:

features show

I set the call recording ability to all yes and enabled this

When I use the feature code *1 is says the number you have dialed is not in server

Check your outbound route dialplan to see if you have *1 there and the system is trying to send the call out

Here are the settings on the extension level. It says the number you have dialed is not in service. And when I check the CDR on UCP its still recording.

What is the typical dial pattern for the feature code

It shouldn’t be in your dial patterns unless you are networking systems and you want to share feature codes.

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