Best way to $$ support (or get tech support) for FreePBX

I paid $150 for 1 hour of support and used it. When I came back to the store, that price has more than doubled, and the one hour option is gone. I can’t really afford that…what’s the best way to support the FreePBX project? Do commercial modules go a long way to contributing back to your work?

Yes buying commercial modules does help contribute to our work.

Sounds good. Do you guys plan to have more affordable support plans?

We have a small support team as finding FreePBX/Asterisk/Linux/Networking experts. Yes it takes all 4 is very hard and we are trying to provide a high quality support and the only way to do that is to limit the number of tickets we can handle.

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What is required to get someone on the support team to assist me? I spoke to someone once before and received support swiftly once I purchased a support option and filed a ticket. This time I have done all that and have been waiting days to get some assistance. In the meantime I am fumbling around trying to get this thing setup and ready for a deployment this afternoon.

I need assistance with this ASAP, otherwise what is the point of paying the high prices you guys command?

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did you call in and reference your ticket ?

also remeber standard support has no SLA; any one from the hobbyist to the call center can purchase those credits - the differentiator in speed of response is the SLA factor; we service SLA client tickets first - otherwise as ou pointed out why pay the price for an SLA

anyway im looking into this now – i you like just call into support, reference this ticket number and ask for Chris

Thank you for all the help with everything. So far the support here has been instrumental in getting our PBX system up and running quickly and correctly. I may not have understood how the system worked at first but I have now worked directly with 2 of the support guys and been blown away by their knowledge and their willingness to help.

If you are looking for help, rest assured you will get it here!

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