Best way to manage outbound caller ID for users with multiple outbound numbers?

Here’s my situation. We have a few employees, and we use a SIP provider that passes caller ID. Right now in extensions each user has their name and direct line showing for outbound calls.

We’re starting to sell products to other parts of Canada other than Toronto, so I’ve set up 2 DIDs for each user as well, so they have a local number for Vancouver and one for Calgary.

I’m just wondering for outbound calls what the easiest way is to have my users be able to make a call and have it show their Calgary number calling for example?

Would the easiest way just be to make two outbound routes for each user and set the outbound routes caller ID as their local numbers and set it up so that they each have a number to dial before the number to pick that route? Just not sure what the best options are, thanks!

No one has any suggestions on what to do? Seems like a common thing?

Assuming you are using phones with multiple line keys, you can setup multiple extensions for each user, each with a different outgoing CID, and map each to a line key. I do this regularly for users who want both a home and office “line” on the same phone.

On the Polycoms (and others, I’m sure) you can simply dial normally and then press the line key corresponding to the desired outgoing CID to place the call.

Amazing that’s a great idea thanks, didn’t even think of that. I have Cisco 7960 IP phones they definitely do 2 lines. I have 6 hard line keys on them but only the first 2 show extensions the rest are speed dial but I think I may just have the config set up like that. That’s a great idea though I think that’s definitely the easiest method to use.

That should work, I tried setting it up with 3 lines and it works like that, looks like I can have all 6 keys programmed as line keys so I think I’ll just do that.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad it worked out!