Best way to fax over VOIP (no scanning and no T38)

What’s the best way to fax over VOIP?

A method that doesn’t use the T38 protocol, and not and efax where I have to scan then upload.

Is an adapter the best way to go? An particular one for a fax?

I need good reliability but not 100%, if I have to say send each fax twice, I’d be fine with that.

There is no option other than what you said. If you have g.711 continuity you may squeeze a fax through but you can’t count on it.

What is your objection to t.38. Asterisk 1.10 has excellent t.38 support.

I’m not totally sure how all this works but I don’t believe my sip provider supports the T38 and I think they need to for it to work.

Yes, you need to find a provider that supports t.38

What’s a good provider that supports that?

Actually my provider just told me they will allow T38, but do not officially support it.

How do I enable T38 for an extension? Can this be done in the FreePBX web interface?