Best Softphone for iOS

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to find the best VoIP for iOS

All the threads and search I found are several years old.

I’d like to know what you guys are using in 2023!

Just looking for a good iOS app that lets met connect to FreePBX.


The best options for FreePBX are going to probably be the ones with direct integration such as Sangoma Talk or Clearly Anywhere

Both of these have a per seat licensing model but are designed to work directly with FreePBX

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Thanks for your reply.

It’s for such an occasional use (while traveling, for example) that I was hoping for a free or low-cost soft phone app that would simply connect to FreePBX and register as an extension.

I had a good experience with zoiper for Android but iPhone version seems to have a good review as well

Absolutely Groundwire!


Also Linphone is well working with Android, linux, windows and ios/mac

Well it depends, almost all sip clients have no problems making outgoing calls, the problem is incoming. Both iOS and Android do not allow these apps to remain active and consume battery, so only some systems allow you to receive calls because they are based on push notifications.

Zoiper does this, but you have to sign up for this option. Sangoma does this too and if you use freepbx it integrates natively with zero touch provisioning

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