Best softphone app for remote extension

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A properly formatted link? Frankly I think it looks nicer to have inline links than big ugly ones but that’s just me

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Apparently not in this case (@sorvani fessed up to the flag). I think it’s fair to answer requests for recommendations with a ClearlyIP product or any product that fits the request.

It’s a little funny to me that Clearly Anywhere and Sangoma Connect have so much in common. I mean, Acrobits is good – I have used their softphone for years – but how did you guys end up releasing almost the same product at almost the same time…

I don’t know where the line is drawn as far as peddling your wares on the forums. I have seen some things criticized more than others. But I guess if someone asks then it’s fair to give them an answer.

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Inline links do look better. but not when it unknowningly takes me to an 3rd part website.

Of course, assuming, what you did, I simply highlighted your post and hit quote to see the link (because on mobile as I was last night, there is no easy way to see that doesn’t load the link).

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Absolutely fair. But he actually didn’t say anything about any specific product. He simply buried a link to his current employer’s website behind the text “integrated solution.”

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Takes more than 1 and staff flags are weighted 4-5X

Frankly I am not a salesperson. I make recommendations where they are appropriate. I have even made recommendations on Sangoma products without mentioning any other products because it was appropriate for the conversations. All the way back to Rhino I have done really well to try to be unbiased in any commercialism I link up. I will only ever recommend things that I think are appropriate and in a situation where all is equal I will obviously lean towards my bias on a product. That said my biases are never secret.

As far as competitive products unfortunately there’s only so many ways to skin a cat that makes sense. The differences really do come down to the integration and backend. In my opinion, which as always has some bias, our integrations better. Keep in mind one was written by the people who wrote most of the software It is integrating into :upside_down_face:

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I wouldn’t say putting a link that is longer than a sentence into a single sentence reply is burried

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Whilst I would say that HTML best practice is to put links on phrases in natural flowing text, and the WW in WWW indicates that links could end anywhere. I think the problem here is that the link provided is not an explanation of the term “integrated solution”, so the link is not appropriate for the context. I would have said “my company’s integrated solution” might have been appropriate, or “my company’s product” (linked), followed by “which we consider an integrated solution”, would have been more reasonable.


I also flagged it as spam , “integratesolution” perhaps best as as ‘oneofseveralusablesolutions’


So we have:

Clearly Anywhere
Sangoma Connect
Bria Teams

I will check them one by one. Although Sangoma app seems too expensive for my small operation. I hope it works that well.

Thanks everybody for suggestions.


All workable but none ideal, if you have hardware or software that doesn’t support ‘push’ then Zoiper or GSWave over TCP should also be looked at, both have a much lower price tag.

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Is not free for Business use. It is $50 one time.

Depends if you are using only one or not. At $199/year (retail) it seems expensive $199/12 = $16.58 / month

I posted a breakdown in another thread

Also this…

Finally, if you go with something like ZoIPer, you will want to pay for their push service, because otherwise you will not get calls. This is why everything we listed has cost. Because you said modern and reliable.

Edit: and a birdie told me that my long standing complain about such a high minimum purchase (20 seats) is finally going to be changed Soon TM.


That’s nice to hear.


This is where I’m having one-way audio issue over TCP and push with them. Not sure what went wrong…

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This is not zoiper’s fault as others have already mentioned. Set yourself up with SIP over TLS, fix your PBX and sip settings properly and you won’t have one way audio issues with zoiper. I’ve been using it for years with freePBX and it’s been the best soft phone feature-for-feature I have found that doesn’t require recurring subscriptions or additional software to provision it on my PBX.


So why did you switch when Groundwire was working great without issue?

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I am not OP, but with Sangoma Connect you can “provision” (set up accounts) on the PBX itself.

Having 10+ users without a proper provisioning method is a nightmare to manage.

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We are a full service commercial IT company. We tested Sangoma Connect before switching and it worked great so we switched to use what we sell and support. You have to pay for Groundwire… We werent going to make our clients pay for Groundwire for all their employees when they get Sangoma Connect for free with their PBXact machines…And its easier to manage and provision as stated above. 1 click of a button and they get the setup email.

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This is a good deal. An annual support contract to keep PBXact current can cost less than a single 20-user license pack of Zulu/Connect.

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Hi @leo85,
Thanks for this thread!

If you are still looking for a softphone app that ticks all those boxes you mentioned, I suggest you try Ringotel (I’m a co-founder).

Its push notifications service works every time, and you don’t need a VPN or Responsive Firewall to secure your PBX server. Ringotel works as a secure VoIP tunnel, forwarding voice traffic to your PBX from a single IP address. Last but not least, you can use Ringotel on any device while calls, messages, files, and call recordings will sync in real-time between all your devices. And I’m just scratching the surface here :wink:

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