Best softphone app for remote extension


Hi guys,

I’m looking an Android app which is:

  1. Reliable

  2. Works well remotely with VPN or push (although my SIP is not compatible with push proxy)

  3. Modern and compatible


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For a push capable client, Acrobits Groundwire is one of the best standalone apps. It’s the same base client used in Clearly Anywhere and Sangoma Connect, without the integrated gui provisioning. It’s great for one or two clients, but for wider deployments look to Clearly Anywhere or Sangoma Connect. I think Sangoma Connect is still free for two seats, at least for the first year.

Grandstrean Wave is a good no cost client, but doesn’t do push notifications. Works well on Android without push, but suggest sip over tcp or tls for best battery life.

You didn’t ask, but anything without push notifications on Apple is pretty much useless for incoming calls.


Thank you for reply. For now just 2 extensions, planning to add more in the future if I will be hiring. So future growth in mind when it comes to an app.


I tried Zoiper push proxy with my current SIP provider, and immediately got one way audio issue. They told me that they don’t support it. They are

I also suspect that Zoiper is not that up to date app, so I want to try something else.


Are you using FreePBX? If so it doesn’t matter what supports.


Yes, version 15 with all latest updates.


So any issues you had were config issues on your end.

What the upstream provider supports is irrelevant to the client.

The client (and associated push server) should be connecting to your FreePBX, not

Still, never been a big Zoiper fan.


That’s what I suspected. I hope if I switch an app my one way audio will be fixed.
When I’m not on push proxy, like on VPN I don’t have any audio issues.

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It sounds like the proxy has some trouble reaching your PBX. We use a mix of different softphones, IMO Bria Teams a one of the best, however, I am waiting for Sangoma Connect to support desktop so we can test/make the integration even easier. Sangoma Connect has a push server as well.

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I used Groundwire for a while up until Sangoma Connect came out. Groundwire worked great without issues. We switched to Sangoma Connect when it came out and its been great. Use it every day, and my clients love it. Zero issues.


One problem I have with Groundwire is that incoming calls do not ring to car Bluetooth. If a passenger presses Answer on the mobile, it does connect and I can hear and speak over the car system.

Unfortunately, other SIP apps I’ve tried have the same trouble. Has anyone found a solution?

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That sounds like it may be the vehicle or the phone. All of these use androids phone apis so they interact like calls. I have a 2013 GMC and a pixel 4 xl and all voip apps including groundwire that I have used come across as phone calls. The caller id is hit and miss per app.

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When asking for recommendations keep in mind that only recommendations that make money for Sangoma are allowed ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I made an on topic recommendation for Clearly Anywhere which has also been mentioned above by others

I do have a financial interest in it but frankly as a sangoma shareholder I have a financial interest on their products too. The fact that the grudges of certain members of sangoma management are used to censor on topic conversation in an OPEN SOURCE community is insane. These are not the same, forums they are the FreePBX forums and relate to conversations and topics for FreePBX. I guess it is up to their management to decide if they are stewards of an open source project or if they truly just have it for a list of users to sell crap to

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I don’t know about allowed, but I flagged that. Because it is an obfuscated link.
You want to recommend a product, recommend one. But don’t hide a link behind text.


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SangomaConnect auto white lists a slew of addresses in the firewall which is annoying as heck.

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A properly formatted link? Frankly I think it looks nicer to have inline links than big ugly ones but that’s just me

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Apparently not in this case (@sorvani fessed up to the flag). I think it’s fair to answer requests for recommendations with a ClearlyIP product or any product that fits the request.

It’s a little funny to me that Clearly Anywhere and Sangoma Connect have so much in common. I mean, Acrobits is good – I have used their softphone for years – but how did you guys end up releasing almost the same product at almost the same time…

I don’t know where the line is drawn as far as peddling your wares on the forums. I have seen some things criticized more than others. But I guess if someone asks then it’s fair to give them an answer.

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Inline links do look better. but not when it unknowningly takes me to an 3rd part website.

Of course, assuming, what you did, I simply highlighted your post and hit quote to see the link (because on mobile as I was last night, there is no easy way to see that doesn’t load the link).

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Absolutely fair. But he actually didn’t say anything about any specific product. He simply buried a link to his current employer’s website behind the text “integrated solution.”