Best SIP Trunk Provider

Hi All,

I’ve been using vitelity for a while now and have been very unhappy. I was wondering who everyone else uses for SIP trunking and what the best options are?

I have 134 DID’s and we do about 1,500min/month in international and about 20,000min/month in domestic.

Any suggestions? What does everyone like?

Sipstation is what I use for domestic calls, never had an issue with them as of yet.
You get 2 trunks for $24.99 and inbound dids are $1.00 each.

Sipstation is what I use for domestic calls, never had an issue with them as of yet.
You get 2 trunks for $24.99 and inbound dids are $1.00 each.

Did I stutter? lol

Cool. What volume do you push through them? Are they fairly quick at responding to issues/downtime? Do you use them for any volume of international calls? Our biggest problem is that vitalety doesn’t “support” international destinations so we have a lot of uncompleted calls.

International destinations can be a dicey proposition for providers and users with routing and toll fraud unfortunately common in some places. Vitelity is not alone in restricting destinations/premium rate numbers. Have you asked them about this, or if it is possible for them to lift some of the restrictions on your accounts?

You can keep Vitelity for DID’s and domestic routing, and find another provider (or providers) to handle the international destinations. We’ve been happy with, but don’t have as high international usage.

Yeah, we’ve opened support ticket after support ticket with them. They’ll change something so that it works for a week or two then it’ll go back to failing the majority of the time. Then we have to go back through all the trouble of getting them to realize there’s a problem, etc.

Out of curiosity, which countries/continents are called the most?

South America by far. Peru, Argentina, Chile.

I can’t really comment on support with Sipstation, the do not work weekends and that is a def neg in my book, my call volume is not high at all as it is residential with some light business.
I do use another pay as you go trunk for international numbers voipvoip but keep seeing some weird lag issues with them and them only… Not really used them as yet.

Above both are good that we use.

Slight update on SipStation, I thought I would use them to help support the FreePBX system and community, but since running into problems with them porting my number over that has not functioned for 2 weeks now and with the extreme lack of support on their end… I would advise using another service at this time.
I went to Vonage whom had my number to make sure the account was terminated to find it was not, I asked to terminate it because SipStaion advised my port was complete and Vonage told me if you cancel your account you will loose your phone number as it has not been ported over to anyone!
As you can tell I am not happy, maybe this is a freak one off but almost 24 hours and no update but I am getting billed for the extra DID now on my account which is another thing I did not see either, no information on extra charges for another DID on your account, I only need the one not both… But you can’t removed the original DID you sign up with so you are pretty much screwed.

Start to scream at them and they reply to your e-mails!