Best Setup For Simulring?

I have a ring group setup for calling an extension and a cell phone at the same time. So basically the system will put the claler back if no one pickes up and return them to the system no answer (which is usually voicemail for most people)

However if the found is off (dead battery, out of range, etc) the cell phone will go directly to cell phones voicemail instead of the system voicemail.

So what is the best way to implement this? I also noticed that there is a delay from the extension ringing and the cell phone ringing. Is there a way to hold back the extension from ringing a few seconds to allow the outbound dialing of the cell phone to catch up?

I have experimented with the confirm call feature and that seems to work except for the cell phone voicemail gets filled up with asterisk messages asking to confirm the message.

I am also seeing if I can ask the cell phone company to extend the number of rings before it goes to voicemail.

Ring groups have a confirm call option, which will not count the call as answered until you manually press 1 (Google voice style)

Yeah I have that already thanks. as I mentioned in the previous post, the cell voicemail is being filled up with the asterisk request to push button one. Caller doesn’t know it so I guess it is good.

Must of missed that. Other than shortening ring time or making vm take longer to answer, cant think of anything