Best practices for backing up server (for disaster recovery)?

Wondering what the best practices are to be prepared for disaster recovery for a FreePBX server. Is there a recommended process to follow or does anyone have any experience with what you’ve implemented that works well?

I appreciate any tips anyone could provide.

##Built in

  • Backup
  • Warmspare
  • HA
    ##3rd party
    Google bare metal backup.
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It’s been a while…
Is there any updated solution or still this is the best in your opinion?

Very old thread. The backup module is even better now and is good to use. I don’t have any experience with the Advanced Recovery module to speak to that or how it is concerning business continuity.

The built in backup and Warm Spare modules work great. If you are running this in a VM you can also use the functionality of the VM provider to backup the machine.

I’ve got Advanced Recovery module deployed in an environment and I am not super thrilled with it. It’s really only meant to work in a complete hardware failure of the primary unit and even then there is some down time/manual switching over of things to ensure the secondary unit is handling calls properly.

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