Best Practice to use Miscellaneous Destinations for Endpoint buttons

Hello All,

I’m trying to program endpoints buttons to transfer to a Miscellaneous Destination (MD).
I have at times created a ring group which goes to a non-existent extension and on no answer go to the MD, but this seems like the wrong way to do it since the extension doesn’t exist.

That MD is used by IVR and so it would be a simple thing to update that destination in 1 place and of course in IVR you can pick MD, but not on an endpoint. I know I can use transfer and put the number there, but hoping there is a Better Method to accomplish this with MD.

I’m thinking using an extension with a Follow me would also be a contender for the best method.


If I understand the question, it sounds like you want a feature code for a Misc Destination, which would be a Misc Application.

I’m not sure.
I can program lets say button 12 on a phone to dial 123.456.7890, and then program an IVR to go to a MD which points to the same.

My question is what is the recommended way to get that MD onto the button, my attempt is to use a ring group or an extension and have it default if no answer to the MD.
But not sure that is the best way, and in respect to the Ring group, I would be pointing to a non-existent extension as a member of the group.

If I need to simply use the number in EPM, thats OK, just trying to see if there is a smarter way and only update in 1 place.

The correct way would be to setup a Misc. Application that points at your Misc. Destination. You assign the dial string at the Misc. Application level.

Thank you, I will try that!

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