Best Practice to send call from IVR over IAX / Issue

Hello All,

I’m running into a strange issue where when I call a direct number, it goes to an IVR and then press option 1, it properly calls a ring group which is on the other side of an IAX connection to a 2nd PBX.
When the same thing happens via a time condition where someone doesn’t answer calls the same IVR, they press the same 1 option the call doesn’t go through,

Any ideas?
The box is full up to date and running asterisk Asterisk 18.9-cert1


Call → Time Condition says nobody answered → PICK IVR → Opt 1 → Misc Dest (Ring group on another PBX)
Call Direct number → PICK IVR → Opt 1 → Misc Dest (Ring group on another PBX)

First one fails, 2nd works.

Updated Info:
This makes even less sense.
One of the messages in asterisk log was restricted route, so I added ALL the extensions to that outbound route, but the problem is how can calling the IVR one way, vs another be considered restricted if you can only restrict extensions?
This is still inconsistent.

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There is nothing in time conditions that I can think of which would explain this. Provide a call trace of a failed call via pastebin: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

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