Best Practice: IVR after x rings

Hi everybody,

I try to implement this behaviour:

A call is routed to extension 123:

  1. when extension is bussy
    -> Call should be routed to IVR X at once

  2. when call is not beeing answered within 40s
    -> Call should be routed to IVR Y

What would the best practice be?
Any hints welcome.


Instead of pointing the IVR directly to an extension, create a ring group with only that extension as a member, have the failover for the ring group point to the second IVR.

By adjusting the time out timing for the ring group, you should be able to have it work like you want.


I thought about either use a ring group or the follow me function.

But I wonder how to get it working, that another IVR is used if the extension is bussy.

Any ideas?


Haven’t tried that with a RG. Maybe the better answer would be with a single member queue. I believe there are some busy detect options there.